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Weather Station Installed at Heriot-Watt University

Today the weather station installed on the roof of Heriot-Watt University has been tested for the first time.

Solar irradiance and air temperature have been measured from 6:00 am to 12:35 pm. In this special day, between 8:30am and 10:45am, there was an almost full solar eclipse (>90%) which has been recorded also from our weather station (see graphs below).

In the future the weather station will provide real time data of temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, solar irradiance and rainfall. We also plan to save all this data in order to create an archive that would be accessible for research purpose.


Poster Awards

Research Associate Dr. Diego Alonso-Álvarez and Ph.D. student Dave RossResearch Associate Dr. Diego Alonso-Álvarez and Ph.D. student Dave Ross from the Scottish Institute for Solar Energy Research (SISER), based at Heriot-Watt, both picked up "Best Poster Awards" in their respective categories at the recent 38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialist Conference held in Texas.

Diego was awarded the prize for his poster entitled "Luminescent Down Shifting for CdTe solar cells: A review of dyes and simulation of performance", and Dave for his poster entitled "First-ever full-size CdTe luminescent down-shifting module". Luminescent down-shifting can be used to increase the efficiency of photovolatic cells and panels by enabling them to absorb a greater portion of the sun’s solar spectrum; not surprisingly both posters generated significant interest at the conference from both academia and industry.

The Director of SISER, Prof. Bryce Richards, said "To pick up two ‘Oscars’ at such a prestigious international conference like the IEEE PVSC is amazing, and it really highlights the quality of the PV research that is being conducted at Heriot-Watt University!"