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Solar Energy UK Installer Roadshow 2015

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Solar Energy UK Installer Roadshow is a series of half day seminars that provide an accessible, educational opportunity for SME and commercial installers to learn more about all the latest trade essentials for running a successful solar business in the upcoming year.
The roadshows will take a look at how solar installers can make use of new technologies and work within the policy framework to generate new business opportunities. We will address commercial rooftops, how to sell solar to a business, evolving standards such as MCS, finance and how the industry can improve quality overall to the benefit of installer businesses, customers and the longevity of the industry.
As always the roadshow will visit a number of key locations across the UK throughout the month of February in 2015:
  • Tuesday 10 February – Surrey
  • Wednesday 11 February – Somerset
  • Thursday 12 February – Manchester
  • Tuesday 24 February - Edinburgh
  • Wednesday 25 February - Yorkshire
  • Thursday 26 February - Leicester
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SU2P Energy and Environment WORKSHOP


In Partnership with SISER and the Intelligent Lighting Centre


WEDNESDAY 4th February 2015: 14.00

Venue: Cedar Room, Hugh Nisbet Building: Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh


Whether it is lighting or solar cells, there is almost always a requirement to use optics or optical manipulation to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of devices. This event will consider the latest in optical materials and techniques to address these challenging applications.

Taking the format of short, high-impact talks, and networking opportunities this workshop aims to identify opportunities for collaborative research that could be addressed by collaborations between SU2P, SISER (ETP), ILC, partners and others. Coffee breaks are scheduled with ample time to allow networking and follow-up of topics introduced in the presentation sessions.

Contributions are invited:

  • Academic staff and industrial researchers are invited to deliver 5-minute presentations, with an additional 2-minutes provided for questions.  Presentations should highlight a promising scientific or technical capability, or alternatively should define an important unsolved problem in the theme area.

The registration deadline is 2nd February 2015. Presenting participants will receive email confirmation.



13.30     Registration and Coffee

14.00     Session 1: SOLAR

The solar marketplace: Finlay Colville, Solar market specialist

14.30     7 off 5-minute presentations

15.15     Coffee and posters

15.45     Session 2: LIGHTING

In-Building LED & OLED Lighting - challenges and opportunities: Dr Cosmin Ticleanu,

Senior Lighting Consultant, Building Technology Group, BRE

16.15     7 off 5-minute presentations

17.00     Buffet, Networking and posters

18.30     Close

Principal's Prize

Principal's Prize for Public Engagement: PhD student category winner Dorothy Hardy

Congratulations to SISER PhD student Dorothy Hardy who was awarded the "Principal's Prize for Public Engagement" in the PhD student category at Heriot-Watt University


Dorothy has taken on a broad range of public engagement activities during her PhD studies. These include organising and contributing to the LightBright Electric Exhibition (see past events below for details) and taking to the stage to perform stand-up comedy about her research as part of Bright Club Edinburgh
We asked Dorothy to tell us more about her research and the benefits of her public engagement. 
"I investigate ways of making solar cells look good as part of architecture. I use fluorescent dyes to change the colours of solar cells and their surroundings. This technology has minimal effect on the electricity output from the cells, unlike many other methods of altering the appearance of solar cells."


Dorothy 1 Dorothy working with fluorescent dyes
 Dorothy 2 Testing the electricity output from a model made at the 'LightBrightElectric' workshop, February 2013  "Public engagement is a vital part of this research. I want to know what would most help building designers: what research I should do so that solar cells will look great as part of buildings; so that this technology can make a big contribution to generation of renewable energy. Showing the variety of solar cells that are available helps with this, but the most exciting work is in getting people working hands-on with materials. 
Making models with fluorescent plastics and thin solar ‘strip’ cells gives a lot of room for experiment, and a result that shows how this technology (known as luminescent solar concentrators) can generate electricity." 
"Winning this category of the principal’s prize for public engagement will enable me to make an installation that features solar cells and fluorescent dyes; to draw people in and show them that solar cells can look exciting, as well as generating electricity. I will develop the designs that I have been working on at Peters glass studio, in Paderborn, Germany: the world leaders in artistic use of solar cells in architectural glass."
Dorothy 3
 Prototype artistic solar cell design, made at Peters glass studios
Dorothy's prize-winning presentation can be viewed by clicking on the image on the left.